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Precision Crafted German Beech Flooring

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Pollmeier Flooring

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Pollmeier Precision Wood Flooring was founded in 1987 as a factory for producing panels for the furniture industry. As time passed, the company expanded their operations to include flooring for both the North American consumer and their own European market.

Pollmeier remains an industry leader in advancements in the technology associated with the milling of trees. A separate division of the company develops and sells sawmill machinery; and today the company has the three largest hardwood sawmills in Europe, equipped with the most modern equipment in the world. As a result, their flooring factories are vertically integrated with their lumber sawmills, which guarantees that Pollmeier maintains 100% control over their supply of raw lumber. In this way, they are able to maintain consistency in quality at all times. Their quality control throughout the entire process ensures that Pollmeier will always be able to offer some of the best milled, most consistent products to their customers.

Wood Flooring Products

What really sets Pollmeier apart from other manufacturers is their dedication to one particular species. By concentrating only on the production of German beech flooring, the company offers the customer an interesting array of options and ensures the standardized quality of their product.

All Pollmeier hardwood flooring products are crafted from specially selected European beech wood — majestic, rich in character, and harder than either red oak, birch, or cherry. They use only the finest cuts of wood from mature European beech trees that range in age from 80 to 200 years. Their steaming process adds a subtle salmon tone to the wood and eliminates all moisture pockets, ensuring a more uniform product for a flawless installation.

The selections they offer include:

  • Six design styles: “Elegance,” “Pacific,” “Inspiration,” “Emotion,” “Antique Look,” and “Washed Look”
  • Multiple board widths in each style
  • A wide array of color options for each style

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