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Wood Flooring Species

Scientific Name:

Pterocarpus macrocarpus

Other Names and Species:

Burma Padauk
Mai Pradoo


Southeast Asia


The sapwood of pradoo is grayish-white, while the heartwood is yellowish-red to golden-brown in color after exposure. The species has an interlocked, ribbon-like grain and is moderately coarse in texture. Pradoo has a medium to high luster.


Pradoo is very resistant to termite attack. The wood is reported to have a faint spice-like odor. Pradoo is easily dried with little resulting degrade in the wood.

Janka Hardness: 2170

As a flooring option, pradoo is a very hard and durable wood. It is nearly identical in hardness to santos mahogany’s ranking of 2200, is just under fifty percent harder than hard maple, and a little bit more than two-thirds harder than red oak.


Pradoo can be moderately difficult to saw properly. Nailing can be difficult in this species, and as such should be pre-bored beforehand. Glue holds somewhat well with pradoo flooring. This wood sands very well and yields a naturally high polish.

Principal Uses:

Pradoo’s uses include chests, rustic furniture, mine timbers, and bedroom suites.

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