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Cabreuva (Santos Mahogany)

Wood Flooring Species

Scientific Name:

Myroxylon balsamum

Other Names and Species:

Bálsamo del Perú


Central and South America. A related species called “Quina” that grows in the same geographical area, Myroxylon peruiferum, is also commonly referred to as Santos Mahogany.


The sapwood of cabreuva, also called santos mahogany, is pale-brown, while the heartwood is purplish-red in color. The species has an interlocked grain and possesses a medium-grade texture.


Cabreuva is durable and resists attacks by fungus and insects. The wood remains smooth under friction and is reported to have no odor. Cabreuva can take some time to dry properly, but does have good stability characteristics once dry.

Janka Hardness: 2200

As a flooring option, cabreuva is one of the hardest and most durable woods available. Often referred to as “santos mahogany,” this species is over sixty percent harder than white oak, about seventy percent harder than red oak, and more than twice as hard as teak.


Cabreuva can be somewhat difficult to cut due to its hardness. This species sands easily and takes a good finish.

Principal Uses:

Cabreuva’s uses include flooring, furniture, and veneers.

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