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Wood Flooring Species

Scientific Name:

Pseudotsuga menziesii

Other Names and Species:

Blue Douglas-fir
Coast Douglas-fir
Colorado Douglas-fir
Common Douglas-fir
Douglas Spruce
Douglas Tree
Fraser River Douglas-fir
Gray Douglas-fir
Green Douglas-fir
Interior Douglas-fir
Oregon Douglas-fir
Oregon Pine
Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir


Western North America


Depending on the age and growing location of the tree, the color of Douglas-fir can vary, but is usually light brown, with hints of yellow or red, as well as darker growth rings. The wood is moderately lustrous, showing a generally straight grain with occasional wavy or curly figuring. The texture ranges from medium to coarse.


Douglas-fir is reported to be moderately resistant to decay, though it is somewhat susceptible to insect attack. When worked, it gives off a sweet, piney odor from the resin or pitch that the wood contains.

Janka Hardness: 660

Falling near the bottom of the Janka scale, Douglas-fir is one of the softest and least durable woods. One hundred twelve percent harder than larch but ninety-six percent softer than southern yellow pine (loblolly and shortleaf), it is only one-third as hard as santos mahogany’s ranking of 2200.


Generally Douglas-fir machines well, with a small to moderate blunting effect on cutting tools. It stains, glues, and finishes well.

Principal Uses:

Douglas-fir’s uses include wood flooring, plywood manufacturing, veneer, and lumber for structural and construction purposes.

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