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Wood Flooring Species


Scientific Name:

Shorea laevis

Other Names and Species:





The sapwood of bangkirai is a light pale brown, while the heartwood is more brownish-yellow in color. The species has a straight or interlocked grain and is smooth and glossy in texture.


Bangkirai is hearty, durable exotic wood species, somewhat durable in its exposed form with regards to decay. The wood remains smooth under friction and is reported to have no odor. Bangkirai requires care in drying as splitting and cracking is known to occur.

Janka Hardness: 1798

As a flooring option, bangkirai is a very hard and durable wood. It is close in hardness to African padauk, twenty-four percent harder than hard maple, about thirty-nine percent harder than red oak, and is roughly eighty-one percent as hard as santos mahogany's ranking of 2200.


Bangkirai cuts rather easily and cleanly. Predrilling should be done before nailing to prevent splitting. This species sands easily yet requires extra effort to finish properly.

Principal Uses:

Bangkirai's uses include flooring, housing, marine construction, and heavy construction.

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