Cherry wood flooring
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Cherry Wood Flooring

Grade: #1 Common

#1 Common is a cost-effective grade of Cherry. With subtle differences in between Select and Rustic, the grade is fairly uniform without the large knots and wild color variation of #2 Common. Many builders and developers use this grade, which gives it the nickname “Builder grade.”

Other Grades of Cherry Wood Flooring:

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#1 Common Cherry Flooring Dimension Specifications:

Standard pre-milled #1 Common American Cherry will have shorter lengths in comparison to higher grades. Most flooring is in 7-foot bundles from 2¼″ to 5″ wide, or a custom-made long plank can be made. With a long plank, the lengths and widths are made specifically to each project’s specifications. The longest lengths can be from 10 to 14 feet, and the widths can vary from 2¼″ up to 12″. Moisture content is between 6% and 8% for quick acclimation. #1 Common Cherry is found prefinished or unfinished ¾″ solid or engineered with a veneer top layer.

Flooring Availability:

#1 Common grade American Cherry flooring is readily available. Custom orders usually demand 2–3 weeks for production, depending on lumber availability. Pre-milled standard 7-foot bundles are a stock item.

Finished Floor Appearance:

#1 Common grade American Cherry will have a light reddish appearance with limited white sapwood, small knots, and mineral streaks. The average lengths in 7-foot bundles are shorter than a Select and Better grade with standard milling. A custom-made long plank can be ordered if longer lengths are desired. Cherry is extremely sensitive to sunlight and will darken considerably with an oil-based finish. A de-waxed shellac or lacquer should be first applied to protect the natural color of the wood. Also, water-based finishes can be applied to slow color change.

Flooring Durability and Stability:

#1 Common Cherry is moderately durable but resists denting and traffic wear much better than pine. Cherry is relatively stable in comparison to other species like Yellow Pine.

Workability of #1 Common American Cherry Flooring:

Although a hardwood, #1 Common Cherry flooring works with little difficulty with both hand and power tools. When installing the flooring, it is best to use a manual nailer, but staples and pneumatic nailers work well. Installation is quicker with higher-grade flooring because the lengths of the boards are typically longer. Cherry holds screws well, and it glues, stains, and polishes to a very attractive finish. It can be somewhat difficult to sand with flooring equipment because of its tight grain. Professional sanding and finishing is recommended.

Principal Uses of #1 Common American Cherry Flooring:

Because it is priced lower than Select, #1 Common Cherry flooring is used frequently in medium- and high-end projects. It is popular in rustic camps as well as in contemporary structures.

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